Live Video Leads to More Engagements

*[@instauser123]: andersonadpr started a live video.

*[@instauser123]: andersonadpr started a live video. Watch it before it ends!*

A notification, I’m sure many instagram users receive daily. You can’t go one day without seeing Kylie Jenner going live on Instagram to share her adventures with Stormi or revealing her new makeup kits. But there’s a reason as to why live streams are no longer seen as a “novelty.” Live video is changing the game with the way brands interact with their audiences. While interactions with brands on social media are still important, live videos engage users immediately and can be seen as more authentic since you have a spokesperson or celebrity directly speaking to you.

What Makes Live Video Different than Video Advertising?

The answer is simple: live video is more engaging to the audience. In fact, 82% of people prefer live video that comes from a brand than posts that come from social media. The reason behind this is because it also helps spur your target audience to action. From a recent Facebook webinar on why marketers should utilize live video more, it’s because live video create 6x more engagement compared to photos, links, and regular videos. The best thing about going live is that you have the capabilities to do more within the video such as bringing in guests, showcasing on-screen graphics and comments, and the ability to resize and move the camera to focus on what is being showcased. Not only does livestream marketing enhance overall engagements but they are a great tool to increase conversions. The goal of any marketing tactic, especially in the digital space, is to drive sales and increase conversions. By having livestream video in your marketing strategy, it helps bolster sales with your target audience by 97% and heightens brand association by 139%. The best way to increase conversions is by having your video content placed in a strategic way on their landing page. A video placed strategically on your landing page, such as a spot on the site where users are more likely to engage with content, has the ability to increase conversions by 80%. These videos not only have the power to increase conversions, but 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after viewing a video.

How To Implement Live Video In Your Strategy?

Not every live video is the same. Developing an effective live video requires the same amount of strategy and time as it would into producing a pre-recorded video. Here are some tips on developing a livestream video strategy:

  1. Share a teaser
    1. Let users know when you are going live so people are able to stay tuned with the content.
  2. Create a rough script
    1. Have an idea of what you want to say rather than just speaking during the moment and going on tangents. Most users will be turned off by a nonsensical video without any sort of plan of what the live stream is supposed to do.
  3. Keep Content Fresh
    1. Make the content you are wanting to produce develop a connection between the brand or spokesperson and the consumer. Livestreams don’t have to feel like an advertisement!
  4. Remember Who You Are
    1. Don’t stray away from your brand and what you represent! You want to be able to showcase your content and what you have to offer in a new way. Connecting the brand and your audience is more important than pushing your product.


While we might get annoyed when we see an Instagram alert about a brand or celebrity going live, these live streams serve a purpose. A digital manager, Carolina Herrera, says, “If you don’t livestream your show you’re missing out on a huge opportunity that your competitors are going to pick up on.” Live videos are meant to engage users in a new way other types of advertisements can’t. Perhaps launching a live stream when a new product is about to launch is the best way to generate buzz about the brand and what you have to offer! It never hurts to try a new tactic in your media plan.