Halfway to 2024

June sure did fly by and we are halfway to a new year! In case you missed any pop-culture-related content or newsworthy highlights, we have you covered!

The Second Indictment of Donald Trump
On Thursday, June 8, the former president was indicted for a second time, this one being his first federal indictment. The indictment comes as a result of the retention of classified documents and conspiracy with a top aide to hide them from the government and his own attorneys which resulted in 37 counts. Former President Trump plead “not guilty” on Tuesday, June 13, and the trial is expected to commence in Florida this August.

NBA Finals
Basketball season came to an end as the finals were played between the Eastern Conference champion Miami Heat and the Western Conference champion Denver Nuggets. Denver defeated Miami in five games and won their first championship in franchise history after 47 seasons in the NBA. Denver’s Nikola Jokič (a.k.a. “The Joker”) was voted NBA Finals MVP.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Expecting
The couple is expecting their first child together after tying the knot last year in Italy. Kourtney broke the news at a recent Blink-182 concert, which is being considered one of the most iconic pregnancy announcements this year. During the show, Kourtney held up a sign that read, “Travis, I’m Pregnant,” which pays homage to one of the band’s most iconic songs, “All The Small Things.”

On Sunday, June 18, five people went missing while aboard the Titan Submersible. It was reported that contact was lost with the vessel one hour and 45 minutes into its two-hour dive down to the Titanic wreck site. Once it was reported that the sub had gone missing, many countries began search and rescue efforts to bring those trapped passengers back to land safely. There were reports of banging noises being made underwater to let those who were searching know where they were. On Thursday, June 28, the US Coast Guard confirmed that the submersible experienced a catastrophic implosion, killing all five passengers.

Stay Hydrated and Cool Out There
It’s about to get really hot out there and hey, we might even see some rain thanks to Monsoon season. Stay tuned for next month’s blog with a breakdown of all the latest news across the country and events in pop culture!