What to Expect When You Join the Team at ANDERSON

At ANDERSON Advertising, we are always looking for incredible talent to join our team.

At ANDERSON Advertising, we are always looking for incredible talent to join our team. Don’t believe me? Check out our current openings (shameless plug, I know).

Seriously though, finding and retaining great talent is a priority for us because we know that our staffers are our most important asset. Without you, our culture doesn’t thrive, our work isn’t the best and the office dogs don’t get played with.

Setting you up for success starts on day one through our onboarding process. This isn’t just rolling out the red carpet for you, but our own version of the “Welcome Wagon” to take you from being an agency newbie to an expert.

Here is a little run down of why onboarding is so important to us and what you can expect on your first day and beyond at ANDERSON.

Why does onboarding matter?

  • It makes you feel welcome and allows for you to quickly assess our culture, people and work to confirm that you made the right decision
  • It provides a great first impression and is our opportunity to make you feel comfortable and ensure that you settle in well
  • It sets you up with the tools you need to do your job, get up to speed quicker and reduce “new kid at school” stress
  • It is a learning process that represents both “why” and “how” so you can understand the core of our business and clients while being taught how to do your job
  • It defines expectations for you in the upfront so that you can feel confident, perform at your highest level and have a guidepost for progress and growth

What can you expect from ANDERSON?

  • A warm welcome that includes a welcome sign and a team lunch on your first day
  • Your desk already set up with all associated technology ready for use
  • An office introduction and tour with your supervisor
  • Employee handbook and paperwork ready to go so that you can hit the ground running
  • A detailed scheduled for your first two weeks that includes training sessions of our systems, client downloads, run downs with each team and already set up shadowing opportunities with staffers on your team
  • A binder full of pertinent client information, ANDERSON information and office nuances
  • A 30-day plan for you to familiarize yourself with the business with weekly supervisor check-ins to see how you are adjusting and to have an ongoing dialogue
  • An incredible team that all serve as your office buddies so you never have to navigate things alone

We only get one chance to do this right!

Not only does ANDERSON have a solid process, but buy-in across all agency teams. It is our number one priority to make you feel welcome and prepared. This is what becomes the foundation of our (hopefully) long relationship and your happiness, which ultimately continues the cycle of success at our agency — best talent, best work, best clients.

If you are interested in joining our team, drop us a note at jobs@anderson-adv.com. Find all of our open positions and learn more about ANDERSON at our website at anderson-adv.com.