My Takeaways from the 2024 Account Management Bootcamp

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend my first out-of-state conference—the Agency Management Institute’s “Account Management Bootcamp” in Denver, CO. This was a 2-day workshop designed specifically for account services personnel that teaches both the tactical and strategic sides of working with clients and an agency. 

The conference took place at the Trivoli Student Union Center with roughly 25 attendees, creating an intimate collaborative environment. As a hands-on learner, I found this setting particularly engaging and empowering, as it allowed for more of us to share our experiences about work, clients, and agency life. We participated in many group discussions and worked in teams to solve difficult client case studies, allowing us to apply what we learned to real-life situations. We also got to network with each other after the first day, which was a great team bonding experience. 

First, I want to share my TOP THREE personal takeaways from this conference. I hope this will spark your interest and encourage you to read more of my blog. You may even consider attending an AMI conference in the future! (Click the link here)

    1. Everyone is welcome. There were attendees from all over the country with many different backgrounds. It was great to see the diversity in our conference group and especially as a queer person, I felt respected and appreciated. 
    2. Safe environment. My instructor, Lori Highby, created a personable, structured, and informative conference. Her expertise in the field was unparalleled. It was great learning from someone who is running her own successful agency! She facilitated great conversations which helped create a safe space for us to share and learn together.  
    3. Excellent learning opportunity. Choosing the right conference can be a challenge, whether due to your specific field or uncertainty about which one will provide the most valuable information. That’s why AMI is a perfect resource for anyone wanting to enhance their skills in a client-facing role. AMI also uses real data from their organization to create informed material (and we love data)! I left feeling that my agency’s investment in me and this conference was well worth it.

Now that you know my personal takeaways, here are my TOP FIVE professional takeaways for anyone in account management. 

  • Clients want you to be a partner, tactician, strategic thinker, and mind reader
      • Yeah, it’s a lot of things (and I omitted some). But one thing that helped me understand my role better was knowing what they needed me to be. In account management, it’s essential to tailor your conversations, approach, and mindset to each individual client to better achieve their goals. Truly knowing what your role is will immensely help your client relationships.
  • Setting expectations is critical to good vibes
      • Clear expectations prevent misunderstandings. No one likes surprises, especially when handling someone else’s money. 
  • Ask questions and be curious 
      • Having an authentic, vested interest in client success will manifest great outcomes. 
      • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. This shows you care and want to understand your client’s business goals. 
  • Clients want you to be the calm in the storm
      • Your job is to make their job easier. When we’re organized and dependable there are no surprises. Remember, the end goal is to set them up for success, which in turn sets everyone up for success.
  • Understand how people are rewarded
    • This applies to anyone you work with whether internal or external. Knowing how your client, boss, vendors, etc. get rewarded can help you assist them in achieving their goals. 
    • For example, if someone receives a bonus for not spending their entire marketing budget, incorporating that into the marketing plan from the start ensures they get their bonus and allows for smooth media operations throughout the year without interruptions.


I hope all of my colleagues have the opportunity to participate in such an enriching in-person conference. Account team members are vital to the success of an agency because we help maintain, build, and GROW client work. So, to anyone in leadership thinking of sending their account team to this conference, DO IT!