When Phoenix Children’s Hospital opened in 1983 it was simply that—a hospital. Since then, unparalleled medical excellence and sustained growth have transformed it into one of the nation’s largest and most respected children’s medical networks, encompassing the main 11-story campus in downtown Phoenix as well as a host of Pediatric Primary Care clinics, Pediatric Urgent Care clinics, and Pediatric Emergency Departments throughout the Metro Phoenix area and beyond. Expanding this reach is the Phoenix Children’s Care Network, a physician-led, clinically integrated network that includes more than 85% of Maricopa County’s pediatricians and 80% of the area’s pediatric subspecialists.

Clearly, Phoenix Children’s Hospital is far more than a single, freestanding hospital. An extensive rebranding initiative needed to drive this point home.

What We Did





ANDERSON collaborated closely with Phoenix Children’s to develop a comprehensive strategy aimed at enhancing the hospital’s brand perception. The strategy was built upon a deep understanding of the hospital’s unique strengths, the diverse perspectives of stakeholders, and the need to showcase Phoenix Children’s Hospital as more than just a single physical location.

A pivotal aspect of ANDERSON’s approach was meticulous research that included surveys administered to employees, physicians, patient families, donors, and stakeholders. These surveys were thoughtfully crafted to measure perceptions of Phoenix Children’s and to understand the extent of its influence beyond the main campus. The results consistently reaffirmed that Phoenix Children’s was perceived as more than just a single hospital. Respondents acknowledged its extensive presence in various healthcare domains and its significance within the community.

Recognizing the importance of eliminating the connotation of a single building, the decision was made to change the name from Phoenix Children’s Hospital to Phoenix Children’s. This shift in nomenclature symbolized the organization’s evolution into a multifaceted healthcare ecosystem. Armed with this insight, ANDERSON embarked on a major rebranding initiative that included in-depth strategy and creative components. The efforts were designed to communicate the organization’s broader impact on the community and its role as a comprehensive pediatric care network.


The collaborative efforts between ANDERSON and Phoenix Children’s not only strengthened perceptions but further solidified the organization’s standing as a beacon of hope and healing within the community and the premier regional pediatric center in the Southwest.

The results not only supported Phoenix Children’s overarching brand but resonated across the four distinct subbrands within the Phoenix Children’s network as well:

  1. Pediatric Primary Care Clinics: The rebranding efforts effectively communicated the presence and importance of Pediatric Primary Care clinics as an integral part of the Phoenix Children’s network.
  2. Pediatric Urgent Care Clinics: The rebranding initiative emphasized the Pediatric Urgent Care clinics’ role as accessible and specialized facilities for immediate pediatric medical attention.
  3. Pediatric Emergency Departments: The enhanced brand identity reinforced the Pediatric Emergency Departments as essential components of the Phoenix Children’s healthcare ecosystem.
  4. Phoenix Children’s Care Network: The rebranding efforts resonated strongly with the Phoenix Children’s Care Network, reinforcing its position as a physician-led, clinically integrated network that collaborates with an extensive network of pediatricians and specialists.


Overall, this successful rebranding initiative transformed perceptions, clarified the organization’s multifaceted nature, and invigorated donor engagement.