Why Being Wrong is So Right: The Value of Feedback

No matter what field you work in, you will always have critics.

No matter what field you work in, you will always have critics. But why does that have to be such a negative thing? They are simply pointing out what we sometimes cannot see when we’re in the thick of it. Since criticism is inevitable, we might as well lean into this dreaded feedback and learn to work with it, becoming better creatives, project managers, human beings, etc!

A Different Point of View

Feedback offers a new perspective on your work, giving you another layer of meaning and perception. This knowledge will help break down any barriers that you may not have known were there and can help you move forward with your next version in a more strategic way.

There are so many examples of marketing fails that could have benefited from this. Sometimes we get so tunnel-visioned when working in the weeds that it’s hard to remember the ultimate bigger picture when it all comes together.

Challenge Accepted

We often get feedback from a higher-up or manager type. Their job is to help guide and mentor you to grow and stretch your skills. Feedback is a great way to get outside ideas to push yourself. You might be surprised by the amount of times you’ve thought, “Wow, I didn’t think about it like that. Maybe I could try this instead.” Two heads are always better than one and will get you to the finish line with work that you are proud of.

Being pushed to try a new approach or make a subtle tweak can change the way you think about problems in the future. This ultimately leads to you becoming a smart, well-rounded professional problem solver.

We’re Not Perfect, Get Over It

Lastly, feedback is just necessary. We are all humans who, yes, make mistakes. This is common sense for any project at any step in the process and is 100% not personal. Spell check can only catch so much and to avoid small mistakes, peer review is crucial. Whether it’s an email to a client or a printed piece, you want to make the best impression possible; spelling and grammar are simple critiques that will elevate your work.

So, go ahead, take some risks. Get the feedback and grow as you go. If there are mistakes along the way, trust that those around you will catch them, and together you will improve the work.