Five Ways to Freshen Up Your Website Design

Remember that website you created for your business years ago?

Remember that website you created for your business years ago? The one that you haven’t touched since you first launched it? Well it misses you and desperately needs some love! Whether it’s a personal website you used to land your current job or a website for your business, there are small things you can do to really bring it to the next level.


Fonts are the most prevalent thing on your site. They are everywhere! It might seem like such a small thing but can really make a big impact. Paying attention to little details shows that you made an extra effort which translates into professionalism. At the very least, make sure the fonts you are using are consistent for your headers, sub-headers, and body copy. To take it a step further, research what is currently trending. New fonts are constantly being created and it gives you even more options to select the perfect one for your brand. A good font can really bring your design to the next level of sophistication.


There is a reason why websites have visuals: They help capture your attention and keep you invested in the site. If you have visuals, take a look at them. Are they really telling the story you want? Update imagery strategically. Stock images stand out but not necessarily in a good way. The right images will look natural and comfortable. If they are too staged or fabricated, it can carry over to how people view your business. Add some emotion and life with the right visuals.

White Space

It’s the most overlooked element of good design but is so important. Using intentional white space helps reduce visual tension and clutter on your pages. Don’t feel the need to put everything on one page. Having multiple pages isn’t a negative thing and helps give each point it’s own space to live.



Simple icons can add some visual elements to your site that are fun and modern. If someone were to look at your site for five seconds, you hope they are able to take away your main highlights. Icons help simplify and add an extra level of design.

Conversational Copy

Last but certainly not least is your copy. Freshening up your copy can help set the tone for your site. Taking a more conversational, casual tone helps make your content relatable and easy to consume by viewers. It’s also a great way to show some of your personality.

You don’t need to recreate a site to make your website feel brand new. Minor updates, big impact. Why not make some tweaks?