Ways to Beat the AZ Summer Heat

Summertime heat in Arizona is like no other.

Summertime heat in Arizona is like no other. Sure, it’s a “dry heat” but that doesn’t make 115-degree weather any more bearable. If you are wondering how to spend your days with heat like this, we can help! Here are some activities in Arizona when the temperature is just too hot to handle.

  • Travel north and explore the beauty of AZ: Flagstaff, Sedona, Grand Canyon
  • Hang out with some of our clients:
    • Explore the exhibits and animals at Arizona Science Center
    • Grab a beer at Huss Brewery
    • Walk around on High Street
    • Catch a movie at Harkins Theaters

  • Dave & Busters: Game night
  • Diamondbacks baseball game
  • If you’re into art: Wonderspaces, The Van Gogh Experience
  • Check out some local Museums
  • Golf: There are plenty of courses to choose from (get out there early)!
  • Bowling
  • Salt River Tubing in Mesa
  • Head to an Arizona lake:
    • Lake Powell
    • Lake Havasu
    • Bartlett Lake
    • Saguaro lake
    • Lake Pleasant
    • Lake Mead
    • & more

These are just a few options to explore during the AZ summer! And if you’re able to do so, traveling outside of the state is also a great plan. Find new ways to spend your time during the scorching summer and make some summer memories!