If We Had a Time Machine…

ANDERSON has had a lot of time to reflect.

ANDERSON has had a lot of time to reflect. On the good, on the bad, on that recipe we tried last night, on all things Tiger King, but especially in our careers. We asked fellow ANDERSON employees to reflect on their time during adulthood, and two very important questions:

What was the best advice you received while at your first job?

“To take advantage of every opportunity. If we focus too much on the “plan,” we lose sight of things happening around us. Those opportunities can open doors, challenge us, allow us to become a resource, or to continue our growth and education.” – Adrianna, VP Account Services

“Don’t stress over things you can’t control.” – Emily, Project Manager

“Do anything you can to get in the door. In college, I got an unpaid internship at an ad agency in Seattle. When that ended, the only job they had open was receptionist. I interviewed like my life depended on it (because it did). And once I got the job I worked my butt off for a year and a half before finally being promoted to Junior Copywriter.” – Jenny, Copywriter

“Never be afraid to ask questions.” – Allie, Graphic Designer

“Work hard and show up on time. Showing that you’re dedicated to your career and company shows a lot and how much you value those you work with and who you work for. It goes a long way in the end.” – Austin, Digital Media Specialist

“The best advice I received at my first job was the importance of note-taking and record keeping. Never trust your memory!” – Justin, Motion Graphics/Video Editor

“Do not be afraid to ask questions. Always try it your way first, and if you don’t mind the answer, call for help.” – Chelsea, Account Coordinator

“Think first, design second.” – Aaron, Creative Director

“Do not take things so personally. 9 times out of 10 everyone you work with is there for you, supports you, and wants you to be the best version of yourself/perform to the best of your ability. Be respectful, kind, friendly, let others know you care about them, the company, and the cause. And don’t take on too much alone.” – Alyssa, Account/Social Media Coordinator

“You are the CEO of your own career.” Laura Girard, Director of Media Services

What is something you wish you had known early on in your career?

“It’s okay not to know everything, and learning on the job is completely natural. It only makes us better at what we do, constantly learning, evolving, and improving.” – Allie, Graphic Designer

“It’s still fairly early in my career, but I wish I knew when to take breaks/time for myself. You need to fall back on your team, and make sure your team knows they can fall back on you. Mistakes are NATURAL!.” – Alyssa, Account/Social Media Coordinator

“It’s okay to make mistakes, don’t sweat it. That’s how you learn!” – Emily, Project Manager

“I wish I understood the business and economics behind creative work better. Realizing the importance of creating real value vs. aesthetically pleasing work is difficult to balance, especially when only seen from one side.” – Justin, Motion Graphics/Video Editor

“Wish I knew – It is still early on in my career, so I’m not sure yet!” – Chelsea, Account Coordinator

“Don’t take criticism personally. Creative is 100% subjective and getting bent out of shape because a Creative Director or client doesn’t respond well to the work (even if it’s for a stupid reason), is a waste of energy. Bitterness never helps with re-concepting!” – Jenny, Copywriter

“Learn how to embrace failure.” – Aaron, Creative Director

“No questions are stupid questions even if they are repetitive or reassuring ones to ensure things are done correctly.” – Austin, Digital Media Specialist

“The importance of listening to understand NOT to respond. Early in my career I was so worried about having all of the answers and being the star employee, that I missed out on being an active listener and subsequently made myself look bad. I was too busy trying to formulate my response in my head to respond quickly that I wasn’t actually hearing what my client or colleague was saying. To be an active listener you need to pay attention and not interrupt, make eye contact, repeat what the person said in a summary and then respond. You will be surprised how much more you hear when you are actually listening!” – Adrianna, VP Account Services

Relationships are everything. It doesn’t matter what your diploma says. It is your relationships, connections and reputation that will open doors for you.” – Laura Girard, Director of Media Services