Tik Tok. The Newest Social Media Trend Advertisers Need to be Aware of.

#okboomer Let’s start out with the basics.


Let’s start out with the basics. What the heck is Tik Tok and why is it all the rage with Gen Z? Tik Tok was created to replace Musical.ly and Vine, and in a way, combine them. It is a social network platform full of people of all ages lip-syncing, dancing, and doing movement-based activities like volleyball, football, and cheerleading. Comedy is the main purpose of the app, focusing on memes and hashtagged challenges, and you often see young designers and makeup artists showing off their skills. Similar to Instagram, Tik Tok users can host live videos that allow them to connect with fans. Basically, you can find a little bit of everything on there.

Just like Youtube and Instagram, there is a large pool of influencers that grew in a short amount of time. There is also a monetary aspect to the app. Musicians have gained fame through their songs being featured on the app, music labels make money when popular videos lead to increased sales and streams, and brands can make money through partnerships and ads. Tik Tok influencers receive income when fans and followers purchase monetary gifts ranging from $5-$50, with a percentage of the revenue going back to the app. One user reported receiving as much as $25,000 a month through brand partnerships and gifts last year. The audience mainly consists of 16-24 year olds, but it includes people of all ages.


Major companies, organizations, brands, and even the celebrities we all know and love have already taken advantage of one of the most-used apps across the globe. Companies such as Chipotle and The Washington Post use the app to engage and connect with new audiences. Check out this Tik Tok video Chipotle created to celebrate National Avocado Day.

This short video using a popular meme was promoting free guac (I know, right?) at Chipotle, seeing 1.6 million views, and over 100,000 likes. The NBA, NHL, MBA, and even NASCAR are hopping onto the platform, and so are their teams.

Benny the Bull, the faithful Chicago Bulls mascot is a frequent resident on the For You page, a page dedicated to all the most popular videos on the app. The San Diego Zoo, Guess, Buzzfeed, The Washington Post, and United Nations IFAD also hopped on board.


If your target audience is Gen Z, then Tik Tok is the place to be. All major social media platforms start off with a younger base, and change as time goes on. Step on the Tik Tok train before it pulls out of the station!

There are a few different ways that marketers and advertising professionals can make the most of Tik Tok:

    • Think about your audience and the message you are trying to send. While companies such as Chipotle and Buzzfeed have had success on the app, not every company or brand will resonate with your audience.
    • Influencer Marketing: If your product, brand, or service fits an influencer’s audience, this is the perfect opportunity to get your name out there.
      • Find the influencer you feel best fits the brand or organization values
      • Set appropriate goals
      • Target a specific part of the app you want to focus on
      • Encourage a response
    • If applicable, make an entire Tik Tok account for your company or brand to connect with your audience.
      • Try to create at least three pieces of content every day
      • Interact with at least 15 accounts each day
      • Share your content across other social media: If your current audience sees you have another platform where you share information, promotions, items, etc., they will be inclined to follow
    • General Advertising
      • Create a hashtag challenge based on a client or event you are promoting
      • Pitch a brand takeover
      • Use native video ads to direct your audience to your website or app
      • Create a branded filter or lens
      • Pay to advertise utilizing Tik Tok’s new campaign options


In the end, Tik Tok is the new wave of social media. Gen Z, and even some millennials spend hours a day scrolling through the app, taking in comedy, ads, and brands. No matter how you see the app, it’s taking the digital world by storm, so take note.