Team Building in Your PJs

Staying Connected With Your Team While Working from Home Five months in and we have all adapted to the new normal of working from home.

Staying Connected With Your Team While Working from Home

Five months in and we have all adapted to the new normal of working from home. Even though it comes with its perks (working in your PJs, 30-second commute from your bed to your computer, etc.) it can also come with some challenges in feeling connected with your team. Like everything during this time, we can adapt and find new ways to keep the team bond stronger than ever. Here are some fun things you can do in your next virtual team meeting to feel connected.

Classic Ice Breakers

Just because you’re virtual, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a good old-fashioned ice breaker!

2 Truths and a Lie

Everyone on your team can come to the meeting with two statements that are true and one that is a complete lie! Say them in any order you want and have your co-workers guess which one is the lie. It’s a great way to let others get to know more about you while seeing how convincing a liar you are.

Never Have I Ever

Go around and share statements of things that you have never done. For example, “Never have I ever gotten a tattoo.” If the statement does not apply to you, in this case you have a tattoo, mark it down! When a player gets to five, they are out. Go around until there is only one person left.

Building a Story

One person starts telling a story, about 1-3 sentences. There are no rules, any details and plot twists can be added when you’re telling the story. Then hand it off to the next person to continue. This is a fun way to be creative with your team and see what happens on this story that is being created as we speak!

Virtual Game Night

Let the games begin! From classic board games to video games, this is sure to bring a sense of competitiveness.

Online Scattergories

This classic game is now online! Have one person open it up on their computer and share their screen with the group. Once the timer runs out, go around and see what everyone put for each category starting with the chosen letter.

Link here

Jackbox Games

If anyone on your team is a gamer, they most likely have heard of (or own) this game! There are a bunch of different versions but they all come with interactive games that you can play together with just your phone. Like Scattergories, one person will need to pull it up on their screen and share with everyone. Since you just need your phone, it’s a very easy way to play games virtually. Options range from trivia to a Mad Libs-style game that can get pretty hilarious with the right group of people.

Link here

Heads Up

This is a fun, race-against-the-clock-type game that you play in teams. For the virtual version, everyone will need to have the app downloaded on their phones ahead of time. Since you can see your camera, you’ll have to try not to look at what your words are (honor system is key)! Play in teams or just take turns.

iPhone Download here

Android Download here

Cards Against Humanity

If you want to liven up your game night, this is a great one to run wild with. This online version, All Bad Cards, is just like the original, and even comes with a “Family Friendly” edition if you want to avoid any possible HR-worthy moments when things get NSFW.

Link here

Thinking Outside the Box!

Ready for something completely different? This is a fun way to let your coworkers share a hobby or activity they are passionate about and get the team involved!

Yoga Class

If you have any yogis on the team, see if they would be willing to lead a team class. Take a break from the computer and do yoga together. There are also many classes on YouTube you can try together as well.

Circuit Workout

Here’s another virtual workout option. Have everyone on your team come up with a short exercise block, such as 10 jumping jacks. Go around and everyone shares what the team will do next. It’ll keep things interesting and maybe even learn some new moves to get fit at home!

Cooking Class

One person on the team can choose a recipe, share the ingredients needed, and host a cooking demonstration going step by step through the recipe. Everyone will be virtually making a recipe together at the same time. Another option for this is to pick a few people to choose one course (appetizer, main dish, side dish, dessert) and take turns walking through each. At the end, you’ll have a full meal prepared for you and your family. This option does take more time and ingredients, but with enough prep time it can be really fun and memorable

Paint and Pour

Have some creative people on your team? A paint night is a fun way to get everyone creating and working with their hands. (Pro tip: This one can be done with wine—which often helps spark inspiration.) Sessions can be led either by a coworker or through a Youtube tutorial. Just give everyone a heads up about what supplies they will need to get the painting party started!

Wherever you’re working these days, you can stay close to your coworkers no matter what happens in the world. Now it’s your turn to get online and have some fun!