Video Production in a Socially Distant World

It’s September 2020, seven months deep into quarantine.

It’s September 2020, seven months deep into quarantine. You may still be working from home (in your pajamas) or you might be part of a team making plans to reopen your business for the first time in months. Regardless, you’re probably brainstorming new ways to market your product/services in this environment that we’re calling “the new normal.”

Consumer behaviors have drastically changed over the past few months and catching up on tv shows and surfing the web has become everyone’s favorite (and only) pastime. What does this mean for business marketing? There are more eyes in front of screens than ever! Video allows you to take advantage of increased viewership and connect with your audience on an emotional level. At ANDERSON, we have socially-distanced video production down pat—just when you need it most. Here’s how our team has adapted production processes to keep our services accessible to clients during these uncertain times.

This crucial part of the production process remains mostly unchanged. While creative brainstorms and production meetings are now done via Zoom and casting calls are held online, a good chunk of the pre-production process is unaffected. Scheduling, budgeting, and vendor and location management are all completed as they were before, but now from home (with furry friends)!


The actual production part of this entire process is where things get a little different! If you can’t tell from these photos, all of our cast and crew are masked up. Safety is our #1 priority and we want to make sure everyone is comfortable, so we enforce a strict six-feet-apart rule on set. People who have been quarantining together can be a little closer (hence the family on camera below).

Thankfully, hand sanitizer is now easy to come by and nearly everyone has a bottle. But just in case, we have plenty to go around.

We’ve also switched up our equipment choices on set to help facilitate a safe working distance for everyone. Zoom lenses have replaced prime lenses, and remote video monitoring with longer cables are the norm now.

Post Production

Post production remains largely unchanged, nevertheless, we’ve spent some time improving the review process. Websites such as Vimeo and offer tools for offering feedback right on top of a video, with time-coded notes and the ability to draw right on the screen, preventing any ambiguous communication between reviewer and editor.

Editing from home? It’s a snap for the AA team. Our video guy is set up for all levels of post production work. (Geek alert) Check out this homebuilt rig complete with a 12 core, 24 thread AMD Ryzen 3900x processor and 64gb of RAM. It handles 4k editing and huge rendering jobs with ease.

Not comfortable with a live-action shoot? We understand! Our motion design team can create an animated video right from the comfort of a home studio.

In 2020, 2D explainer videos are a popular alternative to trade show pitches, allowing you to effectively communicate with your audience in an engaging way, 100% remotely. Animated social media content performs better than static images, seamlessly connecting you with your audience.

If you’re struggling with the loss of live video content this year, animated videos may be the solution.


To see how the ANDERSON production team can help you, check out our reel here: