Social Media: Your Not-So-Secret Weapon

Social media is everywhere, literally.

Social media is everywhere, literally. It seems the moment we turn our backs, a new platform pops up. With sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Tik Tok, most of us use social sites to keep in touch with friends and family, showcase that new car we just got, or discuss news and happenings. However, social media can serve a much larger purpose.

Have you ever filled out a job application and been asked to include links to your social profiles? That’s not for no reason. Your future employers want to get an idea of who you are, what you stand for, and if you would be a good fit for the company. But you can also find job opportunities on social media. Jobvite’s Job Seeker Nation did a recent study and found that 48% of people used social media to find their most recent job. Here are a few ways to start using social networking in your job hunt—and which networks to use.


First things first, make sure you update your profile regularly. Gained a new skill or certificate? Add it to your LinkedIn! Have recommendations from colleagues? Throw them on there as well! These are all ways to promote your profile to people (and employers), and get new eyes on your accomplishments. Also, make sure to post regularly—updating your profile is not enough. By sharing articles of significance to you and reposting inspiring images and moments, you show your passion to potential employers. Don’t forget to like, share, and comment on posts that are similar to your career path or resonate with you, and join groups that are based on your interests and goals. Do NOT underestimate the power of this platform!


Believe it or not, the best thing you can do is to make your profile public. Yep, you heard that right. If you’re not comfortable with this idea (a lot of us aren’t), just create a separate page specific to your personal brand and business. “Like” and “follow” companies in your industry (or with your common interests) that you want to keep an eye on—or rather have them keep their eye on you. Don’t be afraid to message networking contacts to build a professional relationship. Facebook is full of real people, searching for real connections and opportunities, so be yourself! You want hiring managers and recruiters to have a sense of who you are before the screener calls.


This is the PERFECT platform for younger people to stand out. Creative and marketing professionals can showcase their skills on a professional Instagram. Whether they decide to make their personal Instagram their brand, or create one specifically for their business, this is the network of future generations. The most important rule: be creative and fun! Think of yourself as a brand first. Who are you, and what do you represent? You can show that through weekly photos and posts; add hashtags and your content will pop up just about anywhere on the app. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Tips and Tricks

Now that we’ve discussed our favorite platforms for job searches, here are five ways to use them to your advantage:

    1. Let people know you’re looking. Social media is the perfect platform to have your voice heard. Stating that you are actively looking for a position will help bring more traction to your page.
    2. Use Facebook lists. Facebook lists help build your social networks beyond family and friends. You can add professional contacts to these without worrying about people seeing anything on your personal profile. That said, never underestimate the power of friendship! One of your friends might know someone who is hiring in your industry.
    3. Look professional in search. Have you ever Googled your name? Now might be a good time to do that. This ensures something you’re not proud of isn’t right there on the Internet. LinkedIn will normally appear at the top of your search, so make sure to utilize that platform.
    4. Add your social profiles to your resume or website. Always, always, always include links to your social profiles as part of your contact information! Like we said earlier, having an active social media presence makes you look more appealing to employers.
    5. Follow the hashtags. Believe it or not, the people who have at least 30 hashtags under their caption or in their Twitter post have the right idea. Some businesses regularly advertise their job postings, and utilize hashtags to bring more eyes to them. Here are a few we recommend:
    • #JobSearch
    • #JobHunt
    • #NowHiring
    • #Resume
    • #Job Opening

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Although social media can be a dark and scary place, it can also open doors to your future. It is everywhere, and each day employers are learning more on how to use social for their job search. Be sure to take the opportunity as it arrives. Happy Hunting!!