Get Your Priorities in Check

Your Marketing Priorities, That Is We know, we know.

Your Marketing Priorities, That Is

We know, we know. You’re tired of reading about these “unprecedented times” and how we are “all in it together.” None of which are untrue, by any stretch. But just to shift the narrative for a moment (you’re welcome), here’s a little something to think about from a marketing standpoint: With all that’s going on, personalized marketing messages are getting lost in translation. With people retreating to more in-person time with their friends and families, fewer are engaging with the world on social media. Call it an escape mechanism. Regardless, you need a plan for it.

How do you continue to personalize marketing to people who want nothing to do with you? First thing’s first, you need to educate yourself on your “new” audience. Not that your usual consumers aren’t still there, but they are understanding content in an entirely different way. Marketers need to adjust to (here it comes) ”the new normal,” and what it means for personalized marketing.

Personalized marketing is the practice of delivering an experience to an individual user. It’s not new, nor is it rocket science. This is highly targeted content based on user demographics like age, gender, region, most viewed posts or recommended content. Shrewd marketers will use this information to deliver a highly effective message meant to elicit a response.

Though this is a tried-and-true tactic, it’s changed quite a bit in COVID-19 times. We as marketers are still using the same demographics to create our plans, but our clients must alter their messages, budgets, and approach to correspond with the times. Here are four things marketing and PR pros must focus on now:

Above All Else, Care for your Customers

This should be a given! What humans want more than anything right now is to feel that their thoughts are being heard, and that they are being cared for. Empathy is more critical than ever. Make an effort to learn what your customers are experiencing (since you’re probably experiencing it too) and attach it to your message.

Get Personal

While companies shift from in-person events to online campaigns, it can be very difficult to maintain originality and stand out from the crowd. The web is a perpetual fire hose of messaging (in case you haven’t noticed). Work your way through the noise with personalized content. This shows your consumers that you understand who they are, that you recognize their desires and challenges, and that you’re ready to provide them with the best solutions. To get the most out of your campaign, become more personal on all platforms. Use your website, online chats, direct mail, social media, and display advertising to really hone your message.

Don’t Forget Your Peers

As “meh” as the past few months have been, the one thing we can agree on is that we’re all in it together (there’s that annoying phrase again). Every single one of us is exhausted, anxious, stressed and stir crazy. Lean into this shared angst and use it to better your relationships with not only people in your own marketing firm but other professionals in general.

Reach out, share experiences, send encouragement, swap notes, and continue to learn from one another to ensure that each of our audiences are receiving our best work. This is a great opportunity to be humans first, and find ways to collaborate even with those we might normally compete with.

The Bottom Line

Marketing is hard right now. We know! Online marketing is constantly changing. We know that, too! Try something new, lead with kindness, appreciate one another, but don’t feel like you need to break the bank to get some traction. Look to personalized messaging.