Podcasts: Potential Fad or Here to Stay

“Have You Listened to Joe Rogan?” Podcasts.

“Have You Listened to Joe Rogan?”

Podcasts. There’s about a 99% chance you know people who either listen to them or have one of their own. Within the last three years, we’ve seen an insane spike in the sheer number of podcasts. So far in 2020, the amount of people listening to podcasts has increased by 23%. Here are the top five categories:

  1. Society & Culture
  2. Business
  3. Health
  4. Comedy
  5. News & Politics

Shocking? Not really, considering these are the most important things to Americans today. Plus, basically anyone can make a podcast. Creators range from comedians, YouTubers, social media influencers, television and movie stars, and just random voice actors looking to get noticed. There is quite literally a podcast for everyone; whether you’re a True Crime junkie or just looking for a meditation podcast to unwind after a long day.

The Podcast Invasion

So why, and when, did podcasts blow up? One clear reason is that listening to people chat back and forth for an hour can hold your attention better than listening to music on a long, dreary car ride to work. Podcasts are popular with two of the most tech savvy, plugged in generations of all time: Millennials and Generation Z. Last year, over 65 million Americans within that age range reported listening to at least one complete podcast per week. When you think about that from a marketing perspective, that’s hundreds of companies, brands, services, and people being promoted to multiple consumers on a mass platform multiple times a day.

These audio-casts are also extremely easy to consume. Most podcast listeners access the content through their smartphones or mobile devices, giving them the opportunity to multitask at all hours of the day. Let’s face it, listening to a cool podcast about conspiracy theories while you’re cleaning the house or doing busy work is a lot more fun than silence. It is easy to incorporate an hour of a podcast into a daily routine, which is why most users listen to six or more a week!

Why do Humans Love Them

Other than the points made above, there are some more personal reasons why we all love a good podcast: It gives us the opportunity to connect on another level with brands, people, or experiences we love. Some of the most popular podcasts were created by famous comedians or influencers who have an impact on the community, and it gives their audience (plus an entirely new one) a way to connect with them. There is also a huge comedy section of the podcast world, so you can have a laugh any time of day.

Podcasts are also a great way to stay informed on current events, rather than spending your time watching the same depressing content each day. News-based podcasts offer a variety of content—often with interesting debates or comedic spins—to add a little splash of entertainment into your day-to-day.

How Audio Content is Changing Marketing

First and foremost, podcasts reach an entirely new audience. Some people aren’t super adapted to social media or really want anything to do with it, but they will take their time to search for “earcandy” audio shows. Businesses can create and share high quality relevant content here, rather than messing with the hassle of blog writing. Podcasts also create a new level of brand awareness and commitment. Consumers who are consistently following your brand, mission, or message, can now engage via a new platform. Podcasts inspire conversation and provide the opportunity for listeners to dive even deeper into your world.

Thanks for Listening

It is pretty clear the podcast trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With millions of listeners, it would be beneficial for marketers and organizations to hop on the trend. Podcasting is quickly becoming one of the best marketing strategies, because there is something for everyone! Whether you are a twenty-something serial killer enthusiast, or a 35-year-old buttoned up businessman, there is a podcast for you.