New Year, New Trends! Graphic Design Trends to start off the Decade

What better way to kick off a new year and decade than with shiny new trends?

What better way to kick off a new year and decade than with shiny new trends? Designers are constantly updating the norm and challenging the industry with something new. Their inability to sit still for too long means there is always something to be inspired by. Here are just some of the nifty things I’m excited to explore in 2020:


Gradients bring life to everything they touch by adding a softness that’s pleasing to the eye. This trend will continue in 2020 in bigger and better ways. You can expect to see it used in layouts as backgrounds, icons, illustrations, and even photo filters.

A perfect example is INC; they incorporated gradients into their backgrounds to make a simple portrait dynamic.


Gradients in web design also add a visual wow factor for landing pages. Simple white text overlay gives a clean finish to the whole layout and adds balance.


3D & Depth Elements

Augmented Reality (AR) is making waves across the industry and opening the doors to explore a more three dimensional 2D space. The use of 3D elements will make it’s impact with 3D render style design and also a more traditional 2D look, known as isometric design.

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Programs such as Adobe Dimension make it easy to explore and incorporate into designs. Realistic depth in a 2D space will be used across the industry, experimenting with familiar materials and textures to add to the realism.

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Bold Typography and Image Masking

Typography is everywhere and designers are taking advantage of this. Text is no longer just for getting information across, it is an opportunity to break up layouts as well. The use of typography in layouts has been around since the beginning of time, so in order to shake things up, designers are using it in creative and innovative ways.



Designers have also discovered that type doesn’t have to be limited to a static state and can be brought to life with motion graphics. Many companies now animate their logos, allowing their brand to interact with consumers.


Vintage Vibes

Out with the new and in with the old. A sense of nostalgia is making its way back to the 21st century. The use of vintage patterns, text treatments and colors are sure to make appearances this year. This nod to the past gives a sense of something familiar and trustworthy. Colors used are more muted and earthy with pops of color as accents.

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Overall there are so many great things to look forward to in 2020 . We can’t wait to see what new, creative things emerge.