National Dog Day: Our Office Dogs

Here at Anderson, we know that having dogs around makes the work day so much more enjoyable.

Here at Anderson, we know that having dogs around makes the work day so much more enjoyable. In honor of National Dog Day we wanted to introduce you to our pack of office dogs. On any given day, you are bound to find one, if not all, of these dogs roaming the office during work hours. Each dog brings something different to the table and they have all become part of the Anderson family.

Tink & Sheila

Tink and Sheila the Office Dogs

Age: 12 years

Tink has always been the star of the show. She has even been featured on the news!
Sheila has played over 1,200 hours of fetch and loves any toy that she can bring back to you.


Polly the Office Dog

Age: Approx. 4 years

Polly is a rescue who loves being the baby of the family. No really, her favorite things to do are snuggle and be held like a baby.


Joey the Office Dog

Age: Approx. 3

Joey had a rough life before the Tuttle family saved her from the pound. Now she spends her time keeping her older brother Finn in line.


Finn the Office Dog

Age: 6

Finn and his paw-rent Shelby are inseparable. So much so, that Finn is not a happy camper when she is not around. Luckily, his new sister Joey is helping him cope when mom’s gone.


Cash the Office Dog

Age: 9 Months

In true puppy fashion, Cash is always up for a tussle. His best friend in the office is our amazing intern Chase, who puppy sits for Cash from time to time.


Poe the Office Dog

Age: 5 Months

Poe is the goofiest dog in town. He loves to eat rocks and has been known to sleep with all four feet straight in the air.


Chloe the Office Dog

Age: 9

Chloe is the office hype-man. If any of the dogs are playing, she is right there trying to get it to the next level. She only knows one move… the high five.


Boo the Office Dog

Age: 4 years old

Boo has a secret skill. We like to call it her Stink Face. She will make this face if she doesn’t approve of something. It’s quite hilarious!

Honorary Office Dog


Chase the Honorary Office Dog

Age: 140 years (in dog years)
Chase is our resident dog whisperer. Many of the dogs at Anderson have minor heart attacks if Chase is in the building.