A Guide to Momvertising: Call your mom. Don’t categorize her.

Momvertising is essential.

Momvertising is essential. Fact or fiction?

Even if you’ve never heard of the word “Momvertising,” no doubt you’re aware that marketing to moms is a thing. And not a little thing. It’s a massive focus for many brands—and there’s a very good reason for that. Ask pretty much any marketing strategist and they’ll say something like this:

“Moms are a large, powerful, and discerning demographic that demands nuanced attention from businesses. Ignoring the desires of mothers quickly leads to damaged reputations and lost revenue.”

And they’re right. The statistics are pretty telling and powerful:

  • Women drive most consumer purchase decisions across the economy
  • 88% of US mothers use social media
  • 97% of US mothers use smartphones
  • Women are responsible for 85% of the household spending

So now you have momvertising all figured out, right? Market to moms on mobile and social media and all of your wildest marketing dreams will come true!

Okay, everybody calm down. It’s not quite that simple.

Call your mom. Don’t categorize her.

Throwing a giant blanket labeled “mom” over an extremely diverse and opinionated group of consumers is foolhardy, not to mention potentially dangerous. (Have you ever encountered an angry mom? Good luck to you.) These days, moms range from stay-at-home twenty somethings, to highly accomplished professionals, to grandmas who have unexpectedly found themselves in a late-life caregiver role. Bottom line? One archetype isn’t enough.

A New Idea: The Matriarchetype

Yep, we made that word up. But it fits. And it’s necessary in today’s marketing age. These days we need to speak to moms not as “moms” but as individuals—we need to segment this group the same way we would segment any other one: drill it down so we can talk to each and every mom in the language she speaks. How do we do this? Research and more research. This avoids oversimplification and thus, the inevitability of offending some by speaking to all.

They see a mom. We see a person.

On average, moms are having kids later in life, having smaller families, and are more likely to be working outside of the home than moms of previous generations. Harboring outdated views of who they are and what they want will get you nowhere.

It doesn’t matter the industry. From banking to healthcare to entertainment, do your research and know your audience, then take a tone that will resonate directly with them. That’s how to win with your momvertising efforts.

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