Best Ways to Manage Your Time at Home

How do we manage our time when the days, weeks and hours blend together?

How do we manage our time when the days, weeks and hours blend together? Did you wear the same shirt every day for the past week? Your bed is calling you for a nap and you just zoned out for 20 minutes reading a single email. With a worldwide pandemic, businesses that are lucky enough to have the option to move to a fully remote working model have done just that (for the time being). As a result, the way we manage our time has drastically changed.

Working from home full time may seem like the best of both worlds, and it can be sometimes! You can wear whatever you want, there’s no commute into the office, and you have more flexibility throughout the day, all while getting your work done and even some house work along the way. But those who rely on a set routine of getting out of the house every day may have a harder time managing their time professionally and personally.

Here are some tips that have helped me in the transition from full-time in office to full-time working from home!

Wake Up on Time

You may think that sleeping until 10-15 minutes before work begins is a blessing, but it’s not. Your whole day will feel like it got away from you because once you wake up, you have to log on immediately. There’s barely time to wash your face, take the dog out, or make coffee.

You know exactly how it feels to wake up the moment you’re supposed to be leaving the house…or sleeping through your alarm altogether. Just because your morning commute is to your home office a few steps away, doesn’t mean it’s any less important.

Don’t let yourself sleep in too late. You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn by any means, but waking up around your usual commute time helps keep you in a working mindset. This will make it easier to get back in the groove when you’re back at the office.

Set up a Home Office

Keep your work and personal life as separate as you can while working from home. Setting up a desk or office area away from where you hang out and watch TV can help separate you from distractions during business hours, and help switch gears once business hours end.

Make a List

Write down or type up your to-do’s for the day and the week. Put stars next to priorities, so you know where to begin. And cross things off as you complete them.

This doesn’t only apply to your workload, but your house chores and projects as well. When you need a break from work, find something home-related to complete and cross off your house list—then get back to work!

Keep Yourself Accountable

Little mistakes here and there are inevitable (just like they were pre-pandemic). But now’s the time to be performing to the best of your ability. Show that you can work just as well remotely. And if you feel yourself slipping into being unproductive, take a break or go for a walk.

It’s hard to be on all the time when you’re in a situation like this. Just remember that you are still being held responsible for your work, and others are counting on you even if you’re not in the office with them right now.

Be Nice to Yourself

Don’t forget, times are tough and working from home is not always easy. The most important thing you can do for yourself and your coworkers, is to practice self-care so you still perform at peak levels. Get your sleep, take breaks to keep yourself focused, and write your to-do list multiple times if you have to. Just be nice to yourself through it all. You got this!