Learn How to Avoid Trend Fatigue on Social Media

Social Media Marketing World 2023 took place on Monday, March 13 through Wednesday, March 15 in sunny San Diego, California.

Social Media Marketing World 2023 took place on Monday, March 13 through Wednesday, March 15 in sunny San Diego, California. Just like the title of the conference suggests, people from all over the world attended the three-day event to hear 41 experts speak on the latest social media trends, strategies, and outlook for the rest of the year. Session topics ranged from the future of social media marketing to how to use AI tools to transform your marketing and career—and everything in between.

As simple as this concept is, my biggest takeaway from SMMW was this: People are not starved for content—they are starved for connection. It is imperative that you create content your audience will connect with. Because, as Jade Beason put it, “Your audience will not engage with crap content.”

Original Video Content Deep Dive

In 2023, brands are embracing original video content. Oftentimes, trends can cause trend fatigue and can feel inauthentic to your brand. Original video content is created with your ideal follower, audience, brand voice, and marketing goals in mind—rather than for the current trends or viral content. Original video content consists of microlearning, quote videos, product teasers, and storytelling. After learning this, my creative wheels started turning and it inspired me to turn the content our agency is already creating into original video content.

One important tactic to employ when implementing original video content is Microlearning. These are 30–60 second explainer videos on one subject. This type of video content works on social media channels for lead generation and builds trust with followers. Microlearning videos incite viewers to do several things:

  • Ask questions in the comments to increase engagement
  • Watch your content multiple times to capture the tips which can increase impressions
  • Visit your profile for more videos and/or ways to work with you when using a CTA in the video

Filming Tips

Vertical video is here to stay. 94% of social media users hold their phones vertically. 57% of all worldwide video plays are vertical. Vertical videos also have 13.8% more visibility on Facebook and 90% more visibility than static image posts.

The average attention span is 8–11 seconds. In order to capture and keep users’ attention, a general best practice tip for filming follows this formula:
Hook > Build Tension/Add Value > ReHook > CTA

Use a CTA at the end of each video. For example, ask your followers questions such as, “What tips do you want to see in our next video?” or “Click the link in our bio/below to learn more about [subject].” This will increase engagement and provide viewers with more information.

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