The Key to Agency Success? Play Well With Others.

You learn a lot in your first few months working at an advertising agency.

You learn a lot in your first few months working at an advertising agency. First and foremost, you should quickly get used to working with everyone, not just the people on your own team. This is the only way to keep pace and get tasks done. Here are some things I’ve learned in my early months as an Account Coordinator at ANDERSON.

Multiple purposes. One goal.

Every single person within an agency has a role. Whether they specialize in social media, account service, public relations or creative, the team can’t function without them. It’s important to build relationships within the agency so you know who to lean on when challenges arise.

Communicate freely and openly.

With each project that comes in, the key is to maintain an ongoing dialogue. It’s essential to communicate on problems, delays and successes with everyone involved so you can relay all necessary information to the client. An updated client is a happy client.

When you don’t communicate the necessary information internally, something important may be missed, resulting in an unhappy client, and an unhappier agency.

It’s all about trust.

Trusting everyone around you is a huge key to thriving in an agency. It is important to know that everyone is pulling their weight and doing what needs to be done to remain successful.

In order to gain others’ trust, you need to be consistent in your work and lead by example. If others are noticing you slacking off and missing due dates, it makes it harder for them to trust you to do your job.

Your first job is huge. You learn A LOT. My advice? Lean into it and truly become part of the team. That’s the best way to succeed in this fast-paced, professional environment.