Inbound 2023 Recap

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend HubSpot’s annual conference, INBOUND. This year’s event in Boston was my fifth time attending and every year it just gets better. With over 11,000 marketers and leaders in the industry, it is a massive opportunity to learn, collaborate and grow. I definitely soaked it all in. Over three days, I attended 14 sessions and am finally fully digesting all of the amazing content.

My main goals for the conference were all inspiration-based and focused in the areas of leadership, innovation, and female empowerment. I wanted to leave feeling like a better leader, a stronger woman, and with an understanding of where marketing is headed next.

Here are some great quotes and takeaways from my favorite sessions that left me feeling excited and inspired. (This barely scratches the surface too!)


  • The Captain’s Playbook: Strategies for Success – Derek Jeter
    • Oye the way I freaked out when I found out Derek Jeter was one of the speakers this year! As if his 20-year career with the New York Yankees (OMG OMG OMG #2) wasn’t enough, he was the captain that everyone looked to for leadership and now as the blueprint for success post-baseball. Aside from fangirling throughout his whole session, I loved hearing his perspective. He talked about how easy it is to root for people when they are doing well but finds it just as important to be there and to see HOW people fail. Because everyone does! And being there when someone fails and supporting them along the way showcases your strength and reveals their strengths in new ways. HOW did they overcome their failures and HOW did you consistently show up to support them and their forward movement? That is the kind of leader I want to be.


AI was certainly the hot topic this year. I attended three sessions that spoke to AI in different capacities. Here are some of the key takeaways as it relates to love/hate and how we can use it successfully.

  • First off, Hubspot’s AI newly unveiled product is super interesting. Give it a look!
  • My key takeaways
    • We are moving from the age of information to the age of intelligence, which means the way we live, work, and buy is changing
    • We should use AI to spark creativity, NOT to replace it
    • The need to connect with consumers is still crucial as connection drives growth
      • Companies that focus on customer connection grow 5X more than the average company
      • Consistent connection throughout the customer journey drives 19% more growth
    • We must avoid the “Where’s Waldo” problem where we all look and sound alike!
      • 88% of consumers say their experience with the values and people a company provides are as important as its products—they want to see themselves aligned with you
    • This means that while AI can help us move faster and more efficiently, we still have to start with the consumer first and balance a personal, tailored approach coupled with what intelligence and data can offer
    • Ultimately personalization comes from conversation and that experience requires zero-party data or AI


Female Empowerment:

  • Lessons on innovation, leadership, and navigating change with Reese Witherspoon
    • Who doesn’t love Reese?! Hello, Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama! I can tell you that I love her even more now. She is a powerhouse producer, business owner, and actor with a core belief in shining light on women and telling female stories. While she talked about her businesses and the importance of adapting, leveraging data to make decisions, and never being rude to people, she also spoke directly to all of us women in the audience.
      • Her advice to women in business? “No one believes in your dream more than you do. Every day wake up and do something to move your dream forward.”


Every time I attend INBOUND—or any conference really—I come back to the team and our clients with new experiences, perspectives, and a renewed sense of inspiration. INBOUND continues to be the perfect place for marketers to stay on top of trending topics in the industry, discuss emerging trends and technologies, and provide endless networking opportunities. While this conference may not be the perfect one for you, I cannot stress the importance of attending some sort of conference or event. It gets you out of your seat and thinking differently. The opportunities for collaboration and focused learning are so important for our growth! I left INBOUND feeling like a better leader, a stronger woman, and more inspired by everything I learned. I’m excited to bring my newfound knowledge to my team and our clients.