Lessons From INBOUND 2018: Relationships Are Key

Last month, VP of Account Services, Adrianna Dalpiaz, and Account Director, Laurie SantaLucia, attended INBOUND 2018.

Last month, VP of Account Services, Adrianna Dalpiaz, and Account Director, Laurie SantaLucia, attended INBOUND 2018. This annual conference is more than just a gathering of marketing professionals; it’s a community of passionate people looking to better themselves and their work. If you didn’t get the chance to attend this year, we’ve recapped the highlights below:

What was the main message of this year’s conference?

While most people think of conferences as forums for discussing high-tech innovation and best business practices, we spent a lot of time hearing about a concept that’s been around since the dawn of humanity: relationships. The relationships we form between brands and customers, mentors and mentees, agencies and clients are at the heart of success. When we learn how to make these relationships meaningful, we can find more success than ever imaginable.

Who did you hear from?

Tons of intelligent and inspiring people! Among our favorites were:

  • Esther Perel, author and psychotherapist, who revealed that talking about relationships is the new bottom line of any business.
  • Kevin Cochrane, Chief Marketing Officer at SAP, who taught us the three laws of brands: connect, respect and protect your customers. Emotionally connected customers are more than twice as valuable as highly satisfied customers.
  • Karlyn Borysenko, author and organizational psychologist, who taught us how we can be more effective by being likable, empathetic and vulnerable.
  • Scott Harrison, founder of Charity: Water, who moved us with the intrinsic human need to contribute to the world. Fueling your creativity is important even for those who aren’t in creative departments.

Why should I attend?

At INBOUND, we were:

  • Connected with diverse peers in the marketing field
  • Inspired to do better as professionals and people
  • Reminded of the importance of our tribe
  • Taught that emotions underlie every–yes, every–decision we make

Taking these key learnings back to the office, our account team is as inspired as ever to bring success to our clients through creative and strategic marketing plans. Interested in seeing what our team can do for your business? Connect with us via email at info@anderson-adv.com and check out our website to explore all of ANDERSON’s services.