Q & A with Ted Anderson: The Hiring Process

As summer begins, it’s time again for students and new grads alike to be on the hunt for summer internships and post-college jobs.

As summer begins, it’s time again for students and new grads alike to be on the hunt for summer internships and post-college jobs. Unfortunately, the hiring process can be both daunting and draining if you’re not prepared. Lucky for you, we sat down with our president, Ted Anderson, to pick his brain on how to best approach the interview process. Find out what his top recommendations are and what he thinks you should avoid while hunting for a job.

Q: What is the first thing applicants should keep in mind when applying for jobs?

When hiring, there is nothing more frustrating to an employer than having to sift through hundreds of applicants that do not meet the qualifications of the position. My biggest advice is to make sure you thoroughly read through the requirements of a position before applying in order to ensure that it would actually be a good fit. This will help you to avoid wasting your time (and ours).

Q: How can applicants make a good impression?

Dress the part. You want to be professional, while still allowing your personality to shine through. If an applicant is applying for the creative team, it’s a bonus if they have a unique style and taste in fashion. What you wear is a typically a good indicator of your personality, so if you come in wearing a plain suit, you risk giving the impression of that you are boring.

Q: What stands out on a resumé?

With resumés, having variety is key. When applicants have a broad range of experience, employers see that as being extremely valuable because it implies adaptability and open-mindedness. For example, if you were graduating with a degree in marketing, it’s impressive to see that you interned at a creative agency, worked for a corporate brand and spent time somewhere unique, like at a radio station. For someone with this kind of wide-ranging experience, they likely gained unique insight and education beyond what they would’ve gained by just sticking to one area.

Q: How should applicants prepare for an interview?

Do a decent amount of digging. Look up your interviewers on LinkedIn, explore the company’s website and read through any content that they publish. You want be able to discuss who the company’s clients are and have a basic understanding of the work they do. Your research will help turn the interview into a conversation, which makes the experience much more enjoyable for everyone.

Q: What are some red flags when interviewing applicants?

  1. No recent work experience: We look for people with an entrepreneurial mindset, so it’s a red flag if we see that a recent grad didn’t work in college. To us, college is a critical time for students to gain valuable work experiences, whether that be through internships or jobs. As employers, we want to ensure that our hires have the same “go-getter” mindset that the rest of the ANDERSON team fosters.
  2. Inappropriate social media: Obviously, inappropriate social media is a red flag, so clean up your accounts. Make sure that your social media accounts reflect you in the way you want to be seen by your co-workers and superiors.
  3. Arrogance: It’s great to have confidence in yourself, but be sure to balance it with humility.

Q: What are the top traits you look for in an applicant?

When hiring, we look for applicants who have a strong work ethic, are resourceful and who are naturally curious individuals.

Now it’s time to apply these tips and insights. If you think you’d be a good fit for the ANDERSON team, explore our current openings at anderson-adv.com or to learn more about our agency by reaching out to us directly at info@anderson-adv.com.