Graphic Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2022

With a new year upon us, it’s exciting to see what trends will emerge.

With a new year upon us, it’s exciting to see what trends will emerge. In 2021, designers were bursting with innovative design ideas after being pent up the year before. Here are some cool things to watch out for this year:

Trend #1: 2D/3D Mashup

Bringing the two dimensional space to life! The use of 3D design (and playing with the eye in a 2D world) made a splash in 2021, and it will definitely be a big part of 2022 with a new twist. Merging the two worlds, these designs will have a lot of creative freedom for designers to really explore both worlds.


Trend #2: Fonts with a Twist

Fun with fonts! 2022 will play with fonts and look at them as a front runner graphic element. Fonts will be redefined and make a bigger, bolder statement.


Trend #3: Glass and Crystals

Another 3D inspired trend, glass and crystals play with light and transparency to interact in a fun and interesting way. With Adobe Dimension still very new and exciting, this trend is another example of how the 3D world can break up the traditional imagery we see.


Trend #4: Candy Colors

With so many visuals out in the world, this trend really focuses on grabbing viewers’ attention with bright colors. Like candy, it’s appealing and leaves people wanting more.


Trend #5: Riso Print Style

Another trend, another throwback. This style plays with color, layers of print, and half tones to bring these designs to life.


Trend #6: Art Deco

With jewel tones and geometric shapes, this 1920s inspired trend adds moodiness and sophistication to design.


Trend #7: Paper Cutout

Another example of mixing media in a 2D space, this trend uses materials in a 2D space and brings them to life in a three dimensional way.


Trend #8: 3D Characters

Illustrators rejoice! In 2022, bold characters and illustrative elements will be used to lend personality and customization. These are fun, unique ways to make designs original and ultimately memorable.


Trend #9: Holographic Design

A combination of colors and texture, holographic patterns and colors will make more of an appearance in 2022. This could be considered an evolution of the gradient trend we’ve been seeing the last few years.


Trend #10: Psychedelic

The 70s are back in a big way! With bold colors and funky shapes, this decade will influence design in 2022 in a colorfully fun way.