Get to Know Carson

The Video Wizard There’s a new member of the ANDERSON Team!

The Video Wizard

There’s a new member of the ANDERSON Team! Carson Schilling is a video editor extraordinaire who loves watching movies as much as he loves talking about them. He’s also ANDERSON’s new Video Editor/Motion Designer. Get to know him below!

Describe your role at Anderson in 10 words or less. GO! 

“Editing videos and designing amazing motion graphics!”

What’s your go-to productivity trick?

“My go-to productivity trick is to make sure I’ve eaten. There is nothing worse than trying to work on an empty stomach. Snack away!”

What led you to this career path? 

“I studied film and media productions at ASU which sprouted my love of post-production and I knew I would want to create amazing theater experiences for people who love going to the movies as much as I do.”

If you could add one thing to the office what would it be?

“I would add a popcorn machine so I could always smell butter and feel like I’m at the movies!”

What’s the best advice you were ever given? 

“The best advice I was ever given was to never sacrifice your own beliefs for anything, no matter what tries to stop you or who tries to oppose you.”

Who inspires you?

“My family and friends inspire me for how amazing and loving they are but my creative efforts are inspired by my favorite filmmakers such as Edgar Wright and Steven Spielberg.”

What are you passionate about?

“I’m very passionate about movies and the art of storytelling. I believe that everyone has a story to tell and the world of filmmaking is the best way to express yourself in the most creative way possible!”

What is your favorite thing about this career field?

“My favorite thing about media and advertising are the endless possibilities for improvement. There will always be something I can improve on in my work and the idea of getting better at my craft every day is incredibly exciting!”

Favorite place in Arizona? In Phoenix?

“My favorite place in Arizona would be Sedona because of how beautiful the environment is and my favorite place in Phoenix would be Zia Records. I love exploring new music and movies and that store is the best place to do so.”

What’s one thing you learned recently? 

“That I’m never going to stop learning. One of the biggest changes I had been through since coming out of college was realizing that I still have so much to learn about the film and advertising industries and I will only get better!”

Guilty pleasure? 

“My guilty pleasure is any kind of Mario video game. I grew up loving games like Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart and will definitely destroy anyone in a game of Mario Party.”

Favorite thing about ANDERSON!!

“My absolute favorite things about ANDERSON are the culture and the people. Being around people who care about you, your wellbeing, and your development as a person is so important and the people here are nothing short of incredible.”