Five Ways for Creatives to Promote Themselves Using TikTok

TikTok was one of the biggest things to come out of 2020.

TikTok was one of the biggest things to come out of 2020. This dynamic platform allows people to create fun and engaging content in new, creative ways. So, how do graphic designers, video editors, illustrators and other artists capitalize on the popularity of TikTok to showcase their work? Here are some easy ways.

Let’s See That WIP

The easiest way to create content is by showing what you are already working on. Giving even a glimpse at an ongoing project highlights the client while letting you flex your cool ideas! A quick video outlining your process and how you got to where you are engages viewers and shows off your design style.

Design Tutorials

Demonstrate how to do something! Pick a program you work with on a daily basis and do a quick tutorial. For example, an illustrator could have some fun doing a tutorial on how to draw their favorite Disney character. It’s relatable, engaging, and also shows off your skills. Your ability to walk someone through the process can make your viewers better understand your process while also having some fun.

Tips and Tricks

Everyone loves insider info—so, let them in on some of yours. Similar to the idea of a design tutorial, this is a fun way to show off your favorite programs and tools. This type of content can vary in skill level. If you’re doing something extremely advanced, it may limit who can benefit from it, but also shows off the range of skills you possess.

Behind the Scenes

This content is another way to show your audience who you are when you’re not behind a computer. It could be a tour of your work space, or something that you do to get inspired. It could even feature your furry work-from-home assistants. Regardless, it’s content that can help break up your feed and give a sneak peek into your world outside design.

Time Lapse Video

We dare someone to not watch the whole thing! It’s simple: just set up your camera to record a project from from start to finish. This even works with digital art like retouching a photo. Simply record your computer screen as you are editing. Calligraphy and hand lettering projects also work well in this style.

Quick, creative, fun. What’s not to love about that? TikTok is a platform that’s made for artists. So, get out there and do your thing!