Dogs go to work, too?

Hi, my name is Pepper!

Hi, my name is Pepper! My mom got me about two years ago when she was still in college, so I got used to long hours of playing and napping. We would sleep-in and cuddle, go to the park, and she only left me for an hour or two when she went to class. (That was okay because we would have playdates everyday in between.)

But then she got a big, important job and we moved across the country. Suddenly, she started leaving me ALL DAY LONG. No more cuddles all morning or mid-day dog park trips. She would come back really tired, and worse, smelling like other dogs! She said she was working, but why did she smell like other dogs? Dogs don’t go to work! What could she have been up to? I was stressed.

The big surprise

Then, after her first week of work, something amazing happened. Instead of kissing me goodbye and giving me that BS about being back soon, she put on my leash and took me to the car. I figured we were going to the dog park and she had quit her job to play with me (wouldn’t blame her), but she was definitely not in her dog park clothes. We stopped for coffee and the coffee people gave me a treat! And then we arrived…at her office??

It turns out she wasn’t lying—the dog smells were from her co-workers’ dogs. They come to work every day! I made so many new friends that first day. Of course, I was on my best behavior. They had to like me so I could go to that wonderful place every day. And now I do!

Here’s a cool fact: According to a 2012 study, people who bring their dogs to work have lower stress levels. Mom even told me during her first week how stressed and worried she was about leaving me at home all day. I do not like when my mom is stressed out! It’s so awesome she can bring me to work now.

Bringing home the kibble

At my new job, all my stress disappeared. I have so much to do during the day: playing with the other dogs, getting pets by all the humans, chewing on my bone and even taking naps! I get to walk around where I want, when I want. And when I have to go potty, I just scratch on the door and mom takes me for a mini walk, just like we do at home! And best of all, I get to be right by her side all day long. I never have to wait for her anymore, unless she’s in a meeting. (Then I just try to be good and lay patiently under her feet until she’s done.)

All of this is waaaaaaay better than being at home alone. Plus, dog-friendly offices have been proven to improve performance. I’m sure my mom is doing an even BETTER job because I’m there.

Hey dog-lovers

If you have a job that allows you to bring us to work with you, do it! I’m so much happier now being around my friends all day instead of sitting around waiting, alone.

And if your job doesn’t allow dogs… check out our open jobs here at ANDERSON, so your dog can be my new best friend!