The Importance of a Strong Company Culture

There are dozens of reputable advertising agencies spread across the great state of Arizona.

There are dozens of reputable advertising agencies spread across the great state of Arizona. So, how does a job candidate choose one over the other? What makes an employee want to remain at a business long-term? The answer may be as simple as a strong company culture that prioritizes personal and professional development of its employees.
Company culture is best defined as the overall personality of a company. It’s the special combination of values, goals, attitudes and systems that shape the atmosphere of the office. Unfortunately, this also turns out to be the exact scenario where one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. The key to cultivating a positive company culture lies in the hands of each and every employee in the building, from the president to each intern.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Recent studies by Glassdoor found that 80% of individuals admitted to working harder for their bosses when they felt appreciated and valued. A Gallup Poll also discovered that disengaged, otherwise unhappy workers had 37% higher absenteeism, 49% more accidents and 60% more errors and defects in their performance than their counterparts. In fact, study after study showcased the importance of happiness and overall well being in the workplace, ranking it as more important than material benefits such as flex-time or an office gym. For this reason, many highly-qualified candidates rank company culture as a top factor when considering an employer.

Company Culture in Action

Everyone will have their own unique interpretation of what company culture is and how they perceive it. However, when asking people, you will begin to see a trend in what aspects contribute to a positive culture. We asked a variety of ANDERSONians about the culture at our agency. Here’s what they had to say:

“The work/life balance is far better here than it has been at any other agency I’ve worked for in the past. This definitely lends itself to a happier, less stressful vibe among the staff.”

–Shelby Tuttle, Director of Public Relations | 5 years at ANDERSON

“To me, the culture of a company is the most important part. A culture is comprised of the people, style and attitude of a company and ANDERSON has an amazingly fun culture. We all just have such a blast with each other. We work together well and all have similar interests, but different hobbies where we can learn from each other. I can be myself and not feel judged for making stupid dad jokes.”

–Dustin Perrotti, Junior Art Director | 6 years at ANDERSON

“ANDERSON’s culture is the absolute main reason why I chose to work here. From day one, I felt welcomed, valued and invested in, not only by my boss, but everyone else in the agency too. We are always told that we are humans first, so whether it be a family emergency or a rough break-up, the rest of the team is understanding and willing to jump in to help wherever they can. It’s rare to find a company that fosters a culture where everyone just cares about everyone.”

–Taryn Brandel, Account Coordinator | 1 year at ANDERSON

It Takes Work

Regardless of how successful or profitable an agency is, a strong company culture cannot be purchased or achieved overnight. It takes years of cultivating and nurturing for a company culture to become great through the right mix of talent, attitudes, personalities and work ethics. The culture here at ANDERSON allows our team to effectively collaborate, communicate and produce impeccable work for our clients.

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